Smart Homes Solutions


In a Smart Home, everything runs from a central, intelligent nerve center from basic switches and off the shelf devices, to your PV inverter, everything can be combined into one smart system that’s simple to use and affordable, too.  

This means a single, simple presence detector or switch could control not just lighting, but also the alarm system, air conditioning, music and so on.

In The Average Home You‘ll Find Many Systems and Appliances  

includingeverything from lighting and air conditioning to AV systems, security and other consumer electronics. 

Each one of these is controlled by it’sown switch, app, remote control, or presence detector. 

The problem is that none of them are able to communicate with each other in order to meet the needs and demands of the homeowner – not particularly smart or convenient! 

The Smart Home Monitors and Responds Automatically to environment in and around the house, It knows what to do, without you having to lift a finger. 

This means that a whole host of every day jobs are taken off your hands. 

Whether it’s switching off electricity guzzlers, turning off ACs, activating alarms in the event of fire or burglary, lowering the blinds at sunset or anything in between! 

Even if circumstances change or you install new technologies in your home. 

The modular architecture of the intelligent server ensures the Smart Home is flexible and futureproof” fit. 

Your Smart Home is Tailoredto Your Lifestyle and Preference. 

With a push button at home, or a swipe of mobile, you can activate ambience settings that suit your habits. 

For instance, take the Goodnight function; from the comfort of your bed you can switch off the lights, close the blinds and activate the alarm system; switch on ACs, deactivate devices on standby and turn off the music.